Are you thinking about starting your own business?
…Being your own boss…pursuing a career change…Looking to monetize a passion as additional income stream…?

Startup2Life will help you turn your business ideas into a profitable venture. Our guided step-by-step programs, dedicated mentor and actionable-proven tools will enable and empower you to fulfill your big vision and life dream. Whether you need help in setting up a business full-time or you’re just testing the waters without quitting your job just yet, our selection of programs is flexible so you can jump right in during your free time.

Our founder, Anna, has spent the last 17 years building and collaborating with startups, large multinational fortune 500 companies, and global educational players across Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia. What we share is open-source…While Anna doesn’t own the IP, she does own almost 2 decades of rich and truly global experience working with both large corporations in Director-level roles, closing multi-million dollar deals, as well as building 3 startup businesses entirely from scratch!

Anna is the proud founder of 3 businesses. Her first venture began at the age of 22—it’s a built-in intuitive thing in her DNA! Her second business started after she left a high-paying and cushy Regional Director role with a large international company. What made her turn down such a comfortable life? Time to spend with her son with all the time spent travelling! Her solution? Turning her skills and knowledge into a business, and jump! 

Armed with an EMBA, decades of experience in facilitating corporate training and innovation projects with some of the largest companies like KPMG, HP, Manulife, Bosch, Mediacorp, Anna is a sought-after speaker, coach, business advisor, and mentor.

Let the digital world realise your dream and grow your income, wherever you are, whenever you can!

The internet enables us to deliver affordable online learning experiences and build global communities of people who grow their business and live their dream.

Entrepreneurship is about passion, speed and the right resources. Let us help you turn your dream into reality!”


A 6-week online course that turns ideas into reality! We’ll help you build a profitable business of your own that lets you live the life you’ve always dreamed and realize your full potential.


A course that provides you with a guided step-by-step action plan to test your ideas in terms of customer demand and market fit. If you’d like to know how to do a quick and inexpensive—but highly effective—market research, this is for you!


A personalized mentorship program to get you started on your business or grow it and maximize its possibilities. Anna will work hand-in-hand to set your goals, fix what’s not working, and make things happen! Expect 3-months that deliver the right impact.

If you’re passionate with a purpose and ready to do the work you won’t just succeed but make good money! Entrepreneurship is tough but it can be learned and with the right support system is a true blessing. ”

Anna C Mallon


Startup2Life is a TRANSFORMATIVE PLATFORM offering global online training, mentorship, networking around everything entrepreneurship and innovation.

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