Jayne’s Research on Virtual Assistant Evie for Entrepreneurs

Jayne’s Research on Virtual Assistant Evie for Entrepreneurs

Hi everyone, I’m Jayne! I’m currently studying in Nanyang Polytechnic and interning at StartUp2Life as well.

Our founder, Anna, is using a simple and cost-saving virtual assistant, Evie, on a daily basis to help her keep track of her busy and hectic schedule. As Anna regularly conducts meetings after meetings and events, she uses Evie to help manage her time and resources well.

I researched about Evie, as part of my internship, and here is a short blog post of what Evie is and what I think about her Evie!

1 – Evie is easy to use

Evie is here to help you stay on track throughout the year and help make your meetings more productive by keeping track of your follow ups all in one place!

If you are worried that Evie is too mainstream or high-tech for an entrepreneur like yourself, fret not! There is nothing to install, and no hardware setup, as it is fully cloud-based. Evie also works with Microsoft 365 and Google mail accounts. Evie is EVERYWHERE, it integrates with popular tools such as Slack and SalesForce too.

2 – How to use Evie

Simply CC Evie your time preferences and she will propose a time based on your calendar. She will then, send out an invitation to all your attendees on your behalf and, by default, send 3 follow up emails if your invitees do not respond!

I find this feature very beneficial as I do not have to worry about constantly sending out follow up emails as Evie takes care of that for me! Also, I do not have to painstakingly take out my calendar and match it with the customer’s or client’s  propose timing to see if I’m available on a certain day and time as Evie is linked to my Google calendar.

After a meeting, Evie will send a follow up email and you can reply to that email with your list of all your follow ups such as time, subject and attendees. You can view, edit and check items off as you complete them! So let’s say you are rushing off after a meeting but have tons of deliverables you need to do, you can send Evie a quick email and review it during your free time!

3 – Evie’s reminder features

Evie can also add reminders to your calendar to help you keep track of things you need to do.

When you are on the go and want to add a quick reminder, just email Evie and she’ll add a 15 minute reminder to help take that to do off your mental list. For example, “Evie, set a reminder every day at 4pm to take a coffee break.”

Personally, I find this very useful as we are constantly on the go and using our phones, (and might not have a pen and paper all the time) we can safely say that we do not have to worry about forgetting anything that we have to do.

4 – How can Evie benefit you?

As an early stage startup or entrepreneur, we might not have the means or funds to use something expensive or complex.

Do not worry! I found out that Evie has a free plan that allows you to schedule 5 meetings a month. She can schedule across time zones with your preferences dashboard and set reminders and to-dos as well!

She can also send you a summary of your day at the beginning of the day, by using Daily Digests! I personally like this feature as it helps me see the things that needs to be done.

Evie, as an AI assistant, essentially works in tandem with you – just like a real assistant.

Written by

Jayne Lim

Startup2Life Intern



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