How Can A Coach Help My Business?

A mentor is like a teacher, someone who has done what you want to do and learned the lessons the hard way. You go to them for advice. A coach understands how to set up and support a relationship that produces results. Trained coaches studied and have experience with helping you move from point A to B in an efficient way.

A mentor helps you; a coach empowers you. Having both are incredibly valuable experiences you can have in your personal life and career. But when it comes to your business and if you’re looking for a specific agenda, performance, and task-related help – what you need is a coach.

You Startup2Life Coach will be your trusted friend who expects the best from you and pushes you to perform your best!

Anna C Mallon

Anna is our Startup2Life Chieftess and Founder. She’s worked with individuals and corporations in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and brand building. As a Business Coach, she will give you advice on everything she’s learned as a serial entrepreneur (she’s started 5 businesses!). As a Fingerprint for Success (F4S) Coach, she will give you a detailed picture of your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. Whatever your goal is, Anna’s coaching is going to be helpful and inspirational.


Sirilaksana (Siri)  has taken massive success working with the biggest names in the advertising world such as Ogilvy and JWT and built upon it to start Digital Jedi, her own performance digital marketing agency. She seeks to help new business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs get clarity and set them on the right path to developing strong digital marketing plans. Having Siri as a business coach will give you the chance to learn from her expertise and use that to grow your business!

timmy de jesus

To operate a successful business, we need to deal with technical elements like apps and websites. What if you had a coach to help you with infuriating tech problems? Timmy has worked with entrepreneurs and startups all over Southeast Asia and been supporting S2L’s community from the start. As an entrepreneur herself, she is equipped with the creativity and experience to find creative solutions to any tech-related issue. If you need help with any technical aspect of business-building, Timmy is the right person to work with.

peter browne

Clear communication has been a passion of Peter for the longest time. He believes that anyone can develop and deliver any story with polish, passion and confidence. It gives him great pleasure to coach entrepreneurs, startup teams, and small business owners become clear in their investor pitches and presentations. If you’ve ever imagined yourself as a business leader with a winning advantage of impeccable public speaking skills, Peter is the right Pitch Coach for you!

Working towards achieving measurable goals is something Denise can help you with. She’s worked with large corporations and boutique agencies as Digital Marketer and Project Manager for many years before deciding to venture off to work for herself. As a Marketing Coach and a graduate of 6Weeks2Startup herself, she is focused on helping entrepreneurs reach new heights in their businesses through strategy, analysis, creativity and value creation.

elena arens

Elena has 10 years of experience helping startups and big corporations with innovation and process efficiency. She’s a member of Mensa (a high IQ society) with a strong passion to see projects through to success. As an Innovation Coach, Elena will give you expert advice on project management, negotiation, execution, business development and strategic partnership. Reach out to Elena if you ever need a safe and secure sounding board to ignite your creative thinking.

“There is no faster way to grow in life and business than having a coach who is committed to helping you reach your professional achievement.”

Anna C Mallon


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