1. Fingerprint for Success

(F4S) is an amazing tool that assesses attitudes and motivations to predict venture success for entrepreneurs. Investors, accelerates, early stage and successful serial entrepreneurs use it. Why We Love It: Unlike personality which we’re stuck with forever, motivations and attitudes can be coached. Anna is a partner and trained coach with F4S and a HUGE believer in this tool.

[Click here to see Fingerprint for Success' full product page.]

[Click here to see Fingerprint for Success’ full product page]

2. Lean Startup Book

The LEAN Startup by Eric Ries is a must-read for entrepreneurs, although the concepts taught in this book apply to all kinds of businesses. Why We Love It: Ries’ concept of MVP is memorable and transformational in thinking about building something that people want.


[Click here to buy The Lean Startup book]

3. 10 Seconds Courage Book: Easy Tips To Presenting

As an entrepreneur, you will one day (if you aren’t already) give presentations to clients and potential investors. Why We Love It: Public speaking is a life skill which can have an enormous impact on your career and business. We’ve used the tips in this 10 seconds courage book to become comfortable speaking in front of colleagues, clients, and employees, with much success.


[Click here buy the 10 Seconds to Courage Book]

4. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is online scheduling tool which we also introduce in the 6Weeks2Startup courseWhy We Love It: It allows us to automate client bookings, shows real-time availability, and accepts payments.

[Click here to see Acuity Scheduling's full product page]

[Click here to see Acuity Scheduling’s full product page]

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an amazing social media management tool allowing you to plan, schedule and post across all your different social media channels for your small business. Why We Love It: It’s a frickin’ life saver to the marketing department!

[Click here to see Hootsuite’s full product page]

6. Slack

Another tool we swear by and incorporate in all our programs is Slack, a “Team Communication Tool for the 21st Century.” It helps us cut down on emails and works great across multiple devices. Why We Love It: It helps us cut down on emails and works great across multiple devices.

[Click here to see Slack's full product page]

[Click here to see Slack’s full product page]

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a service marketplace where services (or “gigs”) start at $5. Why We Love It: There is simply not enough time in the day to do finish all the things we have to do as entrepreneurs. Use Fiverr to help us with transcription, proofreading, data input and all the other non-core stuff so we can focus on core business chores.

[Click here to see Fiverr's full product page]

[Click here to see Fiverr’s full product page]


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