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Our team includes a 5-time serial entrepreneur, a digital nomad marketing maestro, and even a former 6Weeks2Startup student-turned-colleague.

Our deep expertise in everything related to business building will help you build connections, confidence, and capabilities for the life and business you want.

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Founder & Chieftess

Anna is driven to see businesses grow and help aspiring entrepreneurs find their flow. This lady is so crazy; she completed her EMBA, while building her third business and expecting her second child! Ms. Dynamite in person, and she’s here to help you succeed and join the club! You can read more about Anna here and also here.

Secret Weapon: Singlish!

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Project Manager (Digital)

A Digital Marketer, Project manager and graduate of our 6W2SU course, Denise is always ahead of it. Living the life of a digital nomad, Denise truly enjoys the fruits of being a global digital entrepreneur. One day in Thailand, next in Singapore, and then Fiji?

Secret Weapon: Coffeeeee

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Project Manager & Admin

The role of admin wears many hats and fit only for a master multi-tasker! Debbie is the Queen of management, planning, coordination and everything related to keeping the Startup2Life boat sailing smoothly.

Secret Weapon: Her 2 sons

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Supporting Tech Coach

Our very own in-house Tech Coach Timmy is truly one of a kind! Previously managing operations as Country Manager for Asia’s first Startup Accelerator, Timmy’s experience with entrepreneurial teething and tech problems is vast. A plus, she’s one of the most likable people you’ll ever meet.

Secret Weapon: Her dog, Margot!

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Visual Coach & Videographer

UBER-talented business owner and creative entrepreneur, Rizky is just what you’ll need when it comes to visuals and making your stories work for you and your business. Thrilled to have this creative rocker on board for you, too! Check out Rizky’s biz A Creative Alternative.

Secret Weapon: Kue Lapis!

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Content Producer

Startup2Life’s very first word slinger, Steph enjoys reading a good short story and even writing one too. She understands the importance of effective ‘words and language’ when it comes to writing compelling copy.

Weapon: Her gentleness

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Volunteer & Writer

Sunni is passionate about writing, events and building strong business relationships in the startup and innovation sector. A particular interest of hers lies in HealthTech.

Secret Weapon: millennial power!

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Sirilaksana Kantha

Digital Marketing Coach

Siri is an advertising veteran and a fanatic for performance marketing. She is the first ever Thai Global Business Director at Ogilvy Singapore and in 2016 founded her own business, Digital Jedi, a performance digital marketing agency delivering digital-first campaigns with a measurable ROI.

Weapon: 15 years of international ad experience!

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Ayla Kremb

Sales and Leads Coach

Ayla tackles issues from sales to business development and fundraising, having advised close to 300++ teams worldwide on growth strategy. She coaches business leaders and entrepreneurs in sales, stakeholder management and leadership skills.

Weapon: Mental models, complex data analysis and time optimisation.
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Katarina Hasbani

Business Coach

Katarina has 15 years of experience in energy from government & consulting in Europe, Middle East & South-East Asia. She excels in execution, where she can manage multiple work streams and teams in changing conditions.

Weapon: Getting energy from energy sector!
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Peter Browne

Pitch Coach

Peter helps people overcome pitch anxiety and create compelling stories for effective and clear presentation. His clientele includes CEOs, senior leaders, accelerators, incubators and over 70 startups – helping them shape their talks and investor pitches by delivering with clarity and impact.

Weapon: “Working with people until they don’t need me anymore”
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Elena Arens

Innovation Coach

Elena is an experienced manager and project leader passionate about initiatives around innovation and process efficiency. You can count on her to come up with a plan to increase your efficiency in no time, because she’s that efficient.

Weapon: Her insane talents – data visualisation, data wrangling, software development (C, Python, R languages), data systems, and more…..

Our Internship Programmes

Startup2Life also has a dedicated internship programme targeted to tertiary students who are keen on diving right into entrepreneurship and innovation space. We have vacancies in the following roles: Operations, Media & Design, Marketing.

We understand the importance of selecting good internships for your career in the long run – that’s why our internships emphasise on close mentorship and achieving personal goals.

Hear what our interns have to say:

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