Frequently Asked Questions

How does 6Weeks2Startup™ get delivered? When are the classes?

Our virtual classroom on Teachable’s platform is super easy to use, full of powerful business-building content, and inspirational. The private Facebook group offer added support in a safe and close learning community of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

How much will the program cost?

This course is now offered in two pathways: the Standard version (USD $700) offers access to all online materials and the private community, and the Guided version (USD $1130) offers all this plus additional weekly group coaching calls and extra materials. Two of the things that make 6Weeks2Startup™ super valuable are the bonus and lifelong access to all learning materials AND the Facebook community!!!

When does the course start?

Our next intake starts on the 1st March with a “Welcome Week” followed by six lessons, each lesson lasting a week. The course ends on 16 April 2018. You’ll get continued access to all learning materials and the Facebook group even if the course ends.

How much time will it cost me / how much time will I need to invest per week?

That is entirely up to you as you’ll have access to the materials beyond the six weeks and can go entirely at your own pace. Our recommendation to really get the maximum results is to commit one hour per day or one full-day per week.

I have a busy life, I’m not sure I can commit.

If you’re committed to building your own business, then you can do this. I PROMISE!!! I’m a working mother of 2 and run 3 businesses. If I can do it, so can you! The course and supportive community are all online and set up so you can get through them in manageable chunks.

What will I learn in 6Weeks2Startup™?

At the end of our six-week course, you’ll have a clear, actionable business plan that will serve as both your compass and your map for the year ahead (+ beyond!) To see what we’ll cover in the course, check here.

How will the course be relevant to me if I’m already a small business owner?

The Lean Startup methodology and content we cover are applicable to newbies, experienced small business owners and even CEOs of big companies. Because the emphasis is on sharing market-validating techniques and new tech tools to grow new products or services based on customer and market needs, it’s a course that works for all. Not convinced? See what other people are saying about this course.

I’m not sure I am ready - I don’t even have a business idea yet!

There is no right time, you just have to start. This course teaches you a proven and affordable methodology (Lean Startup) to turn your passion into a business and get paid for the skills and knowledge you already have! We’ve had tons of people join the course with no idea or develop entirely new ideas during the course.

Can I still take this course if I’m not ready to start a business – just want to learn how to make money online?

We’ve had the opportunity to work with an incredible range of people – from those starting from scratch and others with real customers just looking to scale up. Our course is flexible. You can just take a few hours a week. You get to choose which content you want to spend time on or skip. That’s why our goal is to nudge you along and arm you with proven methodologies so you can go over the common roadblocks, especially when you’re just starting.

I haven’t worked in 3 years. I worry that I won’t be able to catch up or be as fast as others.

You will turn out just fine despite the gap in your working years. Of course, you might feel a bit different compared to other students who have worked full-time or nonstop. But you need to refocus on what truly matters: where you are now, willing to work hard and take the time, and you are in fact getting closer to the life you’ve always wanted. No matter what, we will be here to cheer you on and promise a safe space for learning and support.

Will this course be too simple for me if I have an MBA or an extensive work experience?

Our program and community have attracted all kinds of wonderful people such as HR and Finance Managers who recently quit their corporate jobs, single mothers, stay-home parents, freelancers, solopreneurs, as well as more established small business owners well into their 3-years of business building. Because the emphasis is on sharing market-validating techniques and new tech tools to grow new products or services based on customer and market needs, it’s a course that works for all.

I’m not very tech savvy and worry I won’t be able to catch up.

We understand what it feels like to not have much experience or the confidence to use technology. In this course, we don’t require tech skills – we just need someone who loves to learn. Our platforms (Facebook, Teachable, Zoom) are very easy to use. If you need help, we have a dedicated tech coach and a private supporting Facebook group there to help.

What kind of people are in the community?

HR and Finance Managers, single mothers and stay-home parents, freelancers, solopreneurs as well as small business owners. Recently, we’ve had two ladies in the last class set up successful kids-related platform businesses. We provide solutions and support for the total beginner who is entirely new to business building and to freelancers or small business builders. 6Weeks2Startup is a six-week boot camp and life-long supportive community with the dedication of not just myself (who has gone through this more than 5 times now) but an entire team. There’s no falling behind and we’ve totally got your back.

Can you tell me more about the Guided Pathway of 6Weeks2Startup™course?

The Guided Pathway includes weekly group coaching calls (via zoom), access to all our local events and bonus materials. In comparison, the standard course is all online but you are still welcome to attend our public events too – just that there are no weekly coaching calls with myself and the tech coach. If you’d like more clarity on this, I would be more than happy to hop on a call with you to run you through how this all works.

I’ve always wanted to do this but I’m nervous, don’t have the tech skills and have delayed my idea for a while.

It’s natural that you are nervous and that’s also good. Entrepreneurship is exciting but also daunting and that’s why I have made it my mission to develop a course that allows people to test and build their business safely and affordably before taking the big plunge. I wanted to create a course which promises real results and a continued support for growth and success.

How can payment be made? Can my company sponsor my course fees?

There are three options for payment. The first option is by using a credit card. The second option is to use Paypal directly via  Teachable. The third option is that we can issue you an official invoice for a bank transfer. In that case, we will enroll you in the course from our end, once we’ve received a screenshot of funds transferred.