3 Inspirational Startup pitches worth highlighting

Hello earthlings! My name is Khulan and I’m currently interning with Startup2life. I’m extremely curious & interested in the startup world and aspire to start my own business in the near future. * fingers crossed * Thus, attending MOX demo day in Singapore was truly an honour. MOX, the Mobile Only Accelerator backed by Silicon Valley-headquartered venture fund SOSV kicked off its 6th batch in mid-January with six companies selected out of hundreds of applicants. I sat in excitement as the six teams passionately pitched their incredible ideations to a group of investors, industry experts and more.

All teams did an absolutely remarkable pitch with strong conviction and  a hint of humour. However, three teams had me absolutely captivated and inspired: Coutloot, Phone Par Loan, and UNL. They have existing solutions for very current issues which need addressing. Their solutions have already impacted many lives and I believe that they will continue to serve value.

Coutloot – “The taobao for India” is the ultimate mobile application for consumers to sell to customers. E-commerce in India is taking off but it’s dominated by a few large players. Many individual and retailers lack proper documentations to sell online. However, Coutloot enables small retailers and individuals to start selling online by providing documentation, logistics, and cash on delivery. Coutloot’s social C2C platform allows anyone to start selling online in 30 seconds. I believe this could potentially address bigs issues for small businesses and also greatly benefit millions of lives.

Next, Phone Par Loan – “Payday loans for underbanked in India”. This application caters to the 300 million low and middle income salaried workers who feel the month end crunch and need micro-credit to pay their basic expenses. They provide ethical payday loans according to their needs and time for the underbanked in India. With the people’s interest in mind I believe Phone Par Loan will be able to help a massive amount of people cope better with life.

Last but not least, UNL – “Physical addresses for mobile only internet users without street address”. E-commerce has become a very common practice, efficient and convenient it truly is. However, about 70% of the world still can’t buy online. Not because they can’t pay for it but simply because they do not have a valid physical address where they can  receive a delivery. UNL tackles with this issue by allowing users to own their own physical address made secure and transparent with blockchain, enabling services from deliveries to even transport. I believe UNL’s ability to capture, process and make sense of geographic information will greatly impact businesses in a range of industries and also individuals.

All in all, these 3 companies seemed to have 2 things in common.

  1. They have all empathetically tackled with very current issues to improve the lives of many.
  2. They are also extremely passionate in what they do, this was evident in their pitches.

With that, let us all be inspired and seize every opportunity to make the world a better place to live in for all.

Written by:

Amarsaikhan Khulan
Startup2Life Intern