My unforgettable internship experience at Startup2Life

“Ownership. Mentorship.” – these words aptly describe my 9-month internship stint at Startup2Life, if I could distill it into just two words. 

What did I do at S2L?

I am Asyikin, and I was a Marketing Intern for Startup2Life from August 2018 to January 2019. Some of my responsibilities include planning, creating and curating content across various social media channels for S2L. I also got to dabble in preparing proposals and pitch decks about the corporate training / startup innovation space to be sent to prospective clients! Currently, I help out at S2L on a per-project, freelance basis (that’s how much I love working with the team!)

Ownership – knowing what you do makes a difference.

My internship wasn’t any ordinary internship – in fact, I would confidently say that none of the S2L internships are. The small, intimate size of the company means that there are no barriers or hierarchical structure around, and that you will really get firsthand exposure on any current or upcoming S2L projects. With such direct exposure, I was able to really understand how my tasks actually make an impact in the grand scheme of things, allowing me to really take ownership of my work.  For example, I was tasked to do up a design refresh of training materials for corporate programmes early on in my internship, and got to see it used in real time when I attended one of the programmes several months later. 

Mentorship – Growth

What I really appreciate was that Anna is serious about the professional and personal growth of her interns. She made sure that we achieved our own goals (what we wanted to get out from this internship, et cetera) and will go out of her way to help you. When Anna found out that I was looking into entering the Aviation sector, she did not hesitate to send some contacts my way that can potentially help me. 

All in all, I really enjoyed my S2L internship and would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s up for a challenge, looking to stretch themselves, and work for an awesome team!

S2L Xmas Party with the team!
With Anna at SHELL IdeaRefinery Demo Day – a wonderful opportunity to mingle and network with some of the best talents in tech and innovation sphere!

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