What I learned during my Media Internship with Startup2Life – Perizat Bizhumenova

Exploring new territory

Coming from a media background, learning about entrepreneurship and startups seemed overwhelming at first. I didn’t know the meaning of common industry abbreviations B2C, B2B or ROI. However, after getting to be a part of accelerator workshops, events, meeting passionate entrepreneurs and researching on new startups and different business founders, I became fascinated with this new world.

Breaking Misconceptions

I always had the notion that to run a successful business you need to have an idea, a good business plan and investment capital. I soon realized that there’s so much more to it. It’s not about assuming that the market may like your product or service but making sure there is a need in the early stages. Hence, validating your business idea when you start is the key.

Another stereotype that I used to have is that investors look for ideas and ideas only. However, since there are so many people with amazing groundbreaking ideas, you realize that investors often look for people who can execute and develop them in the long run. While attending one of the workshops, I was been introduced to design thinking, a methodology that helps to solve problems and tasks through taking a creative approach opposed to analytical.

Freedom to learn

When it came to media production, I had a chance to shoot and photograph content using my own vision, as I was given freedom to do so. You are often told to follow someone else’s direction, but it wasn’t the case while being a media intern in Startup2Life. I got to edit different clips from testimonials, workshops and events.

I got to do a few business case studies, which I’ve never done one before, so I didn’t know where to start. After being given a template and help from fellow interns and Anna, it wasn’t as complicated as I expected the task to be. In the process, I’ve learned about new businesses and its founders and the fears and hopes they have before starting off on their own business. I also got the opportunity to experience the “6 Weeks To Startup” course that Startup2Life offers.

Written by

Perizat Bizhumenova
Startup2Life Intern

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