Sirilaksana Kantha

Sirilaksana (Siri) is an advertising veteran who is a fanatic about online to offline conversion and performance marketing. She has 15 years of international experience working with the biggest names in Advertising from Ogilvy, JWT and Lowe. She is the first ever Thai Global Business Director at Ogilvy Singapore and in 2016 founded her own business, Digital Jedi, a performance digital marketing agency with a commitment to delivering digital-first campaigns with a measurable ROI.

Ayla Kremb

Ayla is the APAC business development lead at Catalyst, where she works with a global team of funding specialists to unlock growth capital via grants, incentives and private equity for companies developing cutting-edge products. With close to a decade of advising 300+ teams across the globe on growth strategy, tackling issues from sales to business development and fundraising, she brings a battle-tested approach to building thriving ventures. She coaches business leaders and entrepreneurs in sales, stakeholder management and leadership skills.

Katarina Hasbani

Katarina has 15 years of experience in energy from government & consulting in Europe, Middle East & South-East Asia. She excels in execution, where she can manage multiple work streams and teams in changing conditions. She’s on the Board of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (Industry association, HQ in Belgium) and Female Founders (Non-profit, HQ in Singapore). She brings insights from different regions and energy sectors and creates programmes of activities where new ideas thrive and get executed.

Anna C Mallon

A founder of 5 businesses and multiple business transformations successes in the education, media and corporate space, Anna creates maximum impact designing and delivering experiential corporate training, growth (innovation) and coaching programs for large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and educational institutions. Anna seeks to help and mentor more individuals startup their life and develop entrepreneurial teams. She is highly sought-after for her perspective on innovation, entrepreneurship, change, and brand building.

Peter Browne

Peter has helped founders, CEOs, senior leaders, accelerators, incubators and over 70 startups shape their talks and investor pitches by delivering with clarity and impact. He has worked with big-name clients for corporate communication projects in videos, conferences, campaigns and events and believes that anyone can inspire others. The arcane skills of clear communication can be understood, learned and exercised – and that anyone can develop and deliver any story with polish, passion and confidence.

Denise Lazaroo

Denise comes from a diverse professional background, and currently enjoys Digital marketing and Project operations and management. She’s worked with large corporations and boutique agencies in Management and Business Development before deciding to venture off to work for herself. Naturally enthusiastic about helping others reach goals and new heights, Denise has successfully worked with many businesses over the years for Digital strategy consultation to Project management – to mention a few she’s passionate about.

Timmy De Jesus

Timmy is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Payruler, a human resources information system startup in the Philippines. She is a graduate of University of the Philippines Cebu College, where she received a BS in Computer Science. She seeks to bring people, processes and technology together. Her passion lies in systems – she’s designed, built, and helped companies run systems. She has many years of experience working and collaborating with entrepreneurs all over Southeast Asia.

Faith Bogue

Faith is currently the Director of Operations & Innovation at The Creative Experience, a Singapore based corporate training company with a specialisation in creativity and innovation, building on several years of experience in business development, management, and solutions design for both for-profit and non-profit enterprises in the US and Singapore markets. TCE’s focus remains on the development of people, basing our programs on human-centred innovation methodologies including Design Thinking, the Lean Startup, Agile and Scrum.

An avid traveler, Faith speaks proficient German and beginner Mandarin.